Thrustmaster 4160581 Ferrari F1 Integral T500 Joystick

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Product Description

With these accessories you’ll have fun and deThrustmaster happy thanks to its cheap price and high availability.

Manufacturer’s Description

The Ferrari F1 Wheel Integral T500

In close collaboration with Ferrari, Thrustmaster has used its expertise and innovation to create its new flagship wheel which provides sensations, and accomplishes the dream of such a lot of F1 enthusiasts: experiencing the feelings of a real replica of a Ferrari F1 racing wheel at home!
Genuine replica of the Ferrari 150th Italia, the wheel offers impressive but also realistic features.

The complete F1 simulator

The complete F1 simulator
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Includes the Ferrari F1 Racing Wheel and the T500 RS Racing Wheel base & foot pedals

Collector’s item!

The complete F1 simulator controller for PC and Playstation3 including: THE detachable Ferrari 150th Italia racing wheel replica for the Thrustmaster T500 RS, the Thrustmaster T500 RS (the benchmark force feedback racing wheel) and the 100% metal pro pedal base offering a couple of adjustment possibilities.

This complete F1 simulator controller is the true full sized replica of the “Ferrari 150th Italia”, made of top of the range materials: scratched-brushed metal facing and rubber-textured wheel.
It provides genuine F1 “Push & Pull” scratched-brushed metal sequential gear shifters and includes 2 rotary knobs, 3 metal switches, 8 professional quality action buttons and 2 D-pads.
Beside its impressive design, the F1 Wheel Integral T500 offers innovative technologies such as the HallEffect AccuRate Technology(*) for long-term precision. To give the maximum sensation, it features the Force feedback technology as well.

In its will to offer an ultra-realistic package, Thrustmaster added a 100% metal pedal base offering genuine racing sensations.
After all, the wheel is detachable thanks to the Thrustmaster “Quick Release” system, enabling future upgrades.

Ferrari 150th Italia genuine replica

Ferrari 150th Italia genuine replica
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Realistic racing wheel – A genuine Ferrari replica

  • Full-size replica with scratched-brushed metal facing
  • Rubber-textured wheel boasting a realistic and comfortable grip
  • Genuine F1 “Push & Pull” scratched-brushed metal sequential gear shifters
  • 2 rotary knobs (to adjust car settings instantly all the way through the race), 3 metal switches, 8 professional quality action buttons and 2 D-pads responding to realistic pressure
  • Two to be had game modes:
    • “Normal” mode, PC compatible (offering 13 action buttons and 3 D-pads)
    • “Advanced” mode, PC compatible (offering 25 action buttons and 1 D-pad)
  • Detachable wheel featuring the “Thrustmaster Quick Release” system (enabling future upgrades)
F1 or GT-style adjustable pedal base

F1 or GT-style adjustable pedal base
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Precision, force feedback technology & realistic rotation angle

  • Innovative H.E.A.R.T HallEffect AccuRate Technology(*) on the wheel’s steering:
    • Ultra-precise racing wheel, 16-bit resolution! (65,536 values on the steering).
    • Precision that won’t decrease over the years (contactless magnetic sensor)
  • Force feedback technology featuring an industrial-class motor (150 mNm torque, 3000 rpm, 65 W, Ø52)
    • Super-powerful and quick responding force feedback mechanism
    • Rigid motorized stopper, it doesn’t matter what angle of rotation you select
  • Adjustable rotation angle (40 to 1080°), motorized stops
  • Mechanism with large dual belts
    • Fluid and smooth action
    • Silent system
  • Upgradable internal memory and firmware
Realistic pedal base offering genuine racing sensations

  • Unique design(*) offering 2 selectable positions – F1 or GT styles
    • 1: Suspended position (GT-style)
    • 2: Floor-mounted position (F1-style)
  • 100% metal for optimal stability (weighs over 7 kg!) and resistance
  • 3 100% adjustable pedals (width/height/slope)
  • Brake pedal with reinforced and adjustable resistance (included and removable “Realistic Brake” mod)
  • Included metal footrest with non-slip grating texture
  • (*) Patent pending.

Box Contains

1X Thrustmaster Ferrari F1 Integral T500

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Full-size Ferrari F1 2011 replica
F1 “Push & Pull” paddle shifters
Super-powerful and quick force feedback technology (150 Nm – 65 W – 3000 rpm) Extreme precision (65,536 values on the steering)
100% metal adjustable pedal base. 2 positions (F1 or GT-style)