Room Copenhagen Lego Brick 2 Knobs, Stackable Storage Box, 2.6 l, Medium Stone Grey, one size


Price: £12.99(as of Oct 12,2020 09:24:12 UTC – Details)

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Price: £12.99
(as of Oct 12,2020 09:24:12 UTC – Details)

Let children tidy up with a smile The LEGO Storage Brick is a fun storage box for toys, LEGO bricks, office utensils and other small items The iconic box is designed to stack, just like the original LEGO brick Decorate, play, build, form and have fun with the boxes, or keep your toys and LEGO bricks sorted and organized by using them for storage Available in different sizes (1, 2, 4 and 8 knobs / studs) and many different colours for kids and adults

STACKABLE: The boxes are stackable, just like the original LEGO brick Personalize your collection by stacking several sizes in your favourite colours on top of each other
ICONIC: This storage container is an official LEGO product; a 1600 percent upscaled / enlarged model of a LEGO brick and hollow inside Dimensions 125 x 250 x 180 mm / 49 x 98 x 71 in
FOR EVERY ROOM: Use the storage brick in the kids room, in the living room or in the office There is a size and colour for every need, for children as well as adults