Manuka Propolis & Milk Thistle Creamed Honey 250g – World’s Innovation for Your Health, Manuka Honey Enriched with…

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Manuka ProMilk Thistle is a delicious product designed for liver health. Manuka ProMilk Thistle is formulated from a special blend of Manuka honey, New Zealand Bio-active propolis extract and Thistle Milk extract which contains 80 % Silymarin. Manuka ProMilk Thistle is Multifloral Manuka honey MGO100+, which is gathered from Manuka bush, which is unique to New Zealand only. Manuka honey’s special qualities come from the Manuka flower nectar, which contributes unique natural compounds making Manuka Honey so different from other kinds of honey. Milk thistle is a herbal treatment derived from the milk thistle plant, sometimes called Silybum marianum. The active ingredients in milk thistle are a group of plant compounds collectively referred to as silymarin. Its herbal treatment is referred to as milk thistle extract. Milk thistle extract has a high amount of silymarin (between 65–80%) that has been concentrated from the milk thistle plant. The silymarin extracted from milk thistle is known to have antioxidant, antiviral and anti inflammatory properties. Traditionally Thistle milk been used to treat liver and gallbladder disorders, promote breast milk production, give protection to the liver from snake bites, alcohol and other environmental poisons. The Manuka ProMilk Thistle is fully certified with MPI definition and MGO testing.


New Zealand Manuka Honey, 1.5% Active NZ Bee Pollen extract, 2% Milkthistle Extract


Perfect in warm drink or take directly from the spoon (2-3 teaspoons day by day ). ATTENTION: People who have allergic reactions to honey must are seeking for medical advice

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Thistle milk is used to treating a liver and gallbladder disorders, promote breast milk production, give protection to the liver from alcohol and other environmental poisons
Manuka ProMilk Thistle aids the digestive system
At the beginning imported from New Zealand



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