LEGO Technic 42083 Bugatti Chiron (3599)

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‘Highly engineering with Lego Technic Bauset “Bugatti Chiron (42083) For Advanced builders. This exclusive Model used to be in collaboration with Bugatti automobiles S.A.S designed to capture the essence this complete super Spor Twagens perfect for. Because of this, the model features a Gloss aerodynamic body, low profile tyres on spoke rims with logo and detailed disc brakes. Stored in a accessible cockpit there is a LEGO Technic 8 single gear mechanism with moving shift and a steering wheel with Bugatti logo. If you the usage of the Topspeed Key, you’ll be able to this active/Rear Wing of using in the position for maximum speed and lowering. Under the rear bonnet is a great detail W16 engine with moving piston switch to make sure the safety. If you contrast the boot lid Front öffnest, you find the unique serial number and a compact storage compartment with an elegant bugatti Go back and forth Bag. 2 Tone Blue This kept 1: 8 scale model comes with the distinctive, classic colours of the brand Bugatti Perfect. Further details will also be included in with the stickers. The set is in a luxurious Aufgemachten box that forms a collectible Story Farbbros Chüre with full assembly instructions enclosed. Exclusive Lego replica of the Bugatti Chiron in scale: 1: 8 with an abundance of luxurious functions, which in addition to the aerodynamic body with active/Rear Wing, the low cross section tyres on spoke rims with logo, detailed brake discs and a W16 motor with moving pistons.

Discover the Bugatti Chiron. Open the door to get access to detailed cockpit to. There you are going to find the LEGO Technic 8 single gear mechanism with moving shift and steering wheel with Bugatti emblem.
Just Topspeed wrench for handling/Rear Wing on the go to position in the position top speed trips Abzusenken. Open the boot lid front to get access to a compact storage compartment to an elegant Bugatti Go back and forth case sits.
Look at the detailed W16 motor with the moving Arcola. The unique serial number you are going to find under the boot lid at the front. 2 tone blue this kept model reflects the and traditional colours of the brand Bugatti Perfect. Further details will also be printed with the stickers are included.
The set is available in a luxurious Aufgemachten box. Contains a collectible story Farbbros Chüre with detailed assembly instructions. This LEGO Technic model is designed to an engaging and worth and wonderful experience.
This pack contains 3.599 pieces. Suitable for fans aged 16 and over. The Bugatti Chiron is over 30 cm high, 22 length by 15 cm width.