LEGO Dulpo 10872 – Railway Bridge with rails (26pcs) – 2018

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‘The LEGO DUPLO set Railways Bridge and rail (10872) is the easiest addition of new or an existing Duplo sets and helps to develop construction skills, when toddlers are the high bridge building, or the individual rail sections or previously, as the mood takes you. Assist your pre-school child, recognised by the yellow stone so in the platform of the stone to be placed inside your compatible Duplo trains are run over a signal alarm. Also included are a LEGO DUPLO construction workers figure, 2 stones, a shovel and a suitcase, keeping children more fun to roll out right through matches and storytelling board up to you.

The high Bridge and the additional rail segments even more LEGO DUPLO Railway of fun. Includes a LEGO DUPLO construction workers figure with scoop & Case.
‘Comprises 8 Straight Rail Rods, 4 schräge bar sections to create the bridge and a yellow function stone, to be able to a signal hear. Combine this set with this set “Steam railway” (10874) or “goods train (10875), helps to keep your LEGO DUPLO Railway Collection more.
Show your kind, how easy it is to the yellow function stone on the rails to be placed inside, in order that everyone LEGO DUPLO, such as the steam railway (10874 and the goods (10875), when cross also represent a signal hear function easily.
The rail segments are compatible with an existing LEGO DUPLO Railway Collection in this kit. Comprises 2 loose crystals, shovel and suitcase to bring even more opportunities for role play and the storytelling.
‘In combination with the “rails accessories set (10882) you’ll be able to even more rail combinations that bring even large LEGO DUPLO Railway fun to experience. The bridge is to be had on your is of vital 12 inches tall.