LEGO City 60202 People Who Live in the City – Outdoor Adventure (164 pieces)

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With the fun set People who live in the city – Outdoors adventurer (60202), you’ll for population growth in your LEGO city world. This set Incorporates completely different mini figures and offers infinite possibilities for exciting activities. There are many a dinghy, a tent, a rock wall and a wood stacking with ramp. The LEGO City set Incorporates 14 mini figures and a baby and a eagle than other figures.

Now there may be exactly the right mini figures about the pretty natural stains in your city Bevölkern.
Incorporates 14 adults and children as a LEGO Mini Figures and feature a baby and eagle other characters. Includes a mountain biking Mountain, a dinghy, a tent for opening, a wall and a leading.
The entire accessories you wish to have includes 2, a camera/camcorder – One Lantern, a backpack, 3 helmets, 2 Schwimmwesten and a fish. Stell your tent on before you could have fun on a journey Begibst. Erklimme the rock wall or enjoy the view from the tops.
Paddle addition, to experience an exciting hose boat shuttle the power quickly. Schwing you on the mountain biking and use the ramp on the wood stacking to show some Sprünge.
The tent is 5 cm high – 6 cm/4 “wide x 2 deep). The Rock Wall is 7 cm high x 3 cm wide and 3 cm deep. The hose boot is 9 cm long and 5 cm wide.