Greek Honey from Cretan Thyme by Meligyris | Pure Unblended Cretan Honey | 800gram

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Greek Thyme Honey

A delightfully Cretan honey harvested from the famous wild Cretan thyme that flourishes in the mountainous regions of Crete. It is collected late spring till early summer and is characterised by the strong taste, golden color and botanical aromas.

Cretan thyme honey is widely known for its health benefits. It has antibacterial, antioxidant and antiseptic activity. It acts as a natural boost for the human body. Its excellent flavour pairs well with yoghurt, walnuts, buttered toast, Feta and goats’ cheese.

Meligyris Cretan Apiary

At Meligyris Cretan Apiary we continue a long bee farming heritage that dates back to 1920 holding dear to traditional beekeeping methods, producing pure honey. Our hives are spread across the island of Crete and give us a variety of varietal honeys featuring the depth and diversity of the Cretan wild flora.

Traditional methods of extraction and collection are used to be sure that the enzymes, protein and natural goodness of thyme honey stay within. All our honey is unfiltered, unheated and unpasteurised, preserving all of the natural health benefits in addition to the distinctive aromas and taste of pure Cretan honey. The unique characteristics of Meligyris honey are strongly connected to the unique ecosystem of the island: the mountainous terrain of Crete, the flora (rare wild herbs and brushwood) and the microclimate (altitude, sea breeze, warm & dry climatic conditions).

Crystallisation and Honey

Crystallisation is a natural process of pure honey and does not impact its nutritional value. Some honeys crystallize uniformly, at the same time as others crystallize partially in the jar. To turn a jar of crystallized unheated honey to liquid state, simply place it over a warm water bath of 40ºC for about 15 minutes.


100% Greek Thyme Honey


Natural Greek Honey from the Cretan ecosystem. Add a spoonful to bread and butter, in tea or over a scone.

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Honey full of antioxidants, minerals and proteins, in a position to spice up your metabolism and immune system, a delicious and healthy alternative to white sugar.
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