Drumond Park 5019150000056 Articulate-The Fast Talking Description Board Game, Multi

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Style Name:Articulate Classic

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ARTICULATE! Bring everyone in conjunction with this fast-talking description board game as players attempt to describe as many card entries as conceivable within 30 seconds No “rhymes with” or “sounds like” allowed!
TRY NOT TO PANIC! Describe a word without in reality saying it it will sound quite simple but while you’re racing the timer and being heckled mercilessly by the other team then well let’s just say that it isn’t!
FAMILY BOARD GAME – Ideal for families with smartphone addicted teenagers! Gather everyone and spend some fun quality circle of relatives time like in the old days
ADULT PARTY GAME – Articulate! draws the shy from their shell de-cocks the cocky and unites whole roomfuls of people in bouts of good outdated hysterical laughter – the easiest party ice breaker
NUMBER OF PLAYERS – Articulate! has been designed to be played by 4 to 20+ players aged 12+ The more the merrier!


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