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Cards Games Against Disney
this is a card game mirrored on the CAH games

It will make your party more than happy and full of laughter

To start the game, every player draws ten white cards
The person who last popped starts as a cardster and plays a black card
The Cardster reads the question or the empty sentence on the red card aloud
All others answer the question or fill out the space by passing a white card concealed to the cardster
The Cardster mixes all responses and divides every card combination with the group
In order for the Cardster to have its full effect, it must read all of the red card or some of it again before presenting any response
The Cardster then chooses the funniest game and anyone who submits it gets an unbelievable point
After the round, a new player becomes a cardster and every withdraws ten white cards
Love and enjoy them or we buy them back from you without asking questions

The game is intended exclusively for adult players (17+). So accept as true with me, you do not want to take it with you at circle of relatives celebrations. manage to get asked some awkward questions
Cards Games Against Disney is a card game mirrored on the Cards for fans of Disney with an Evil sense of humour. Make a choice 10 White Cards and 1 Red Card to play your best cards to win every round
Filled with hilarious tasteless Disney references, for disney fans and even non disney fans. Evil sense of humour not necessary but advantageous!
Players:4-20 people ;Time:30-90 minutes
This is the complete retail, professionally printed and boxed. It contains 828 cards (260 white cards, 568 red cards)